Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Repugnant demo's, EP and Full Length

This band shouldn't need any introduction. This is for those that are unfortunate enough to have not heard Repugnant or are missing a release or two. If you are new to Repugnant, start with Epitome of Darkness.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Miasmal - Miasmal

Demo, Detest Records

1. Abduction of the Soul
2. Kallocain
3. Apocalypse Legion
4. Anima Sola


Crushing Death Metal from a new band from Sweden, this tape was released last year by Detest Records (one of the best current labels for UDM) limited to 250 copies. If you worship at the altar of old school Swedish Death Metal, get this.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Diocletian - Doom Cult

Diocletian - Doom Cult
Full length, Invictus Productions
May 18th, 2009

1. Doom Cult
2. The Ironfist
3. Oath To Ruin
4. Deathstrike Overkill
5. Werewolf Directive
6. Antichrist Hammerfist
7. Bullet Vomited
8. Baphocletian
9. Heretics


Unholy war metal from New Zealand.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Drowned - Viscera Terræ

Drowned - Viscera Terræ
EP, Nuclear Winter
September 2007

1. Embrace the Beast
2. Key to the Lunar Waters
3. Abyssic Dead, They Sing for Me

4. Viscera Terræ


Amazing Death Metal. The same singer as Necros Christos

Hetheads - We Hail the Possessed

Hetsheads- We Hail The Possessed
Best of/Compilation, Repulse Records
November 1994

1. Intro / Dissolution By Catatonia
2. Remonstrating The Preserver
3. Paganization
4. Brutal Exhordation
5. Cast In Silver
6. Phlebotomize (Fade Away In Silence)
7. When The Time Has Come
8. For His Sake

Abhoth - The Tide

Abhoth - The Tide
Single, Corpse Grinder

1. The Tide
2. Configuration


Another old forgotten Swedish Death Metal band. Just a taster if anyone wnts more I'll post

Monday, 8 June 2009

Graveless - Condemned to a Nameless Death

Graveless - Condemned to a Nameless Death

Demo, Blood Harvest
May 20th, 2009

1. Aeon of the Living Dead
2. The Covenants Genocide
3. Incantations of the Gates
4. Through thy Gate Reincarnated
5. In Articulo Mortis

The rip isn't very good, but it's all I have until someone rips a better version.


Monday, 1 June 2009

Pek - Preaching Evil

1. Preaching Evil
2. S.A.T.A.N. Sanctity Exiled By Abhorrent Legions Triumphant Anti-Christ Nemesis
3. Funeral Orations For The Detoriated Corpse Of A Metal Deficient God
4. Satans Mark
5. Malicious Delight In The Suffering Of Christ
6. Messenger Of Eternal Damnation
7. Blessing The Blackness
8. Leviathan